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LARSEN & BRUSGAARD ApS retains the exclusive right to either repair or replace the unit with a "newly-overhauled" (NOH) unit or new unit at its sole discretion. The same policy shall apply to software.

How to begin repair service:

  1. Using the "Email Us" form on our Contact Page, send an email to LARSEN & BRUSGAARD explaining the problem. (Usually you will receive a reply within 48 hours.)
  2. If the problem cannot be resolved by email correspondance or by sending spare parts, the unit must be sent in for service. Audibles and Visos can be sent in padded envelopes as registered letters which is the cheapest shipping method. Altitracks should be boxed to protect the more delicate parts in this instrument.
  3. Send your product to the following address:


    Ledreborg Alle 28

    4000 Roskilde


Note: LARSEN & BRUSGAARD has stopped servicing the old model "DYTTER" and "Pro-Dytter".


LARSEN & BRUSGAARD ApS nor its agents, employees, owners, field representatives or dealers accept any responsibility for any loss, injury or death while using our products. The user of our products accepts the risks involved in skydiving as being inherently dangerous and that sometimes skydiving can cause injury and even death.

The following conditions apply:

If within 12 months of the purchase of your instrument, a defect or damage is identified by faulty manufacture, LARSEN & BRUSGAARD will repair the unit at no cost the end user.

To make a claim under this warranty, send the unit to an authorized dealer or directly to LARSEN & BRUSGAARD together with the dated purchase invoice or receipt.

The warranty becomes void if damage is caused by external circumstances or if the unit has been serviced or repaired by third parties unauthorized by our national agents or LARSEN & BRUSGAARD.

All further claims, especially for defects after skydiving accidents, are excluded.

LARSEN & BRUSGAARD has no obligation to honor any extension of warranty granted by any national agent.


The buyer and user of LARSEN & BRUSGAARD ApS instruments indemnify the manufacturer and vendor from any liability for damage incurred before, during or after skydiving with the instrument.

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