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Full compatibility with all ProTrack and AltiTrack versions. JumpTrack 3 is the perfect software companion to view, compare and store information about all your jumps and equipment. JumpTrack uses the latest in database technology to make it easier than ever to store and view your skydiving information.

Jumptrack 3 is available in the following formats:

JumpTrack 3 CD-ROM only

Comes with JumpTrack 3 CD-ROM Software Disk and Manual.

JumpTrack 3 for ProTrack

Comes with JumpTrack 3 CD-ROM Software Disk, Manual and Serial port PC Interface.

JumpTrack 3 for AltiTrack

Comes with JumpTrack 3 CD-ROM Software Disk, Manual and USB interface.



  • Full compatibility with all ProTrack versions and all AltiTrack versions
  • Jump-Track 3.x consists of 4 applications:
    • JumpTrack 3.x: Main program
    • RigTrack: To keep records of your gear
    • AltiTrack Communicator: to setup and control all options in your AltiTrack (Requires USBTrack)
    • JumpTrack 2.0 File Converter: Application to convert your JumpTrack v2 logbooks to JumpTrack v3.x format
  • Conversion utilities for your v.2 Jump-Track & Rig-Track data:
    • Jumps
    • Gear
    • Lookup files
  • Jump-Track forum:
    • Tips on using Jump-Track and Rig-Track
    • Assistance with operational questions
    • Access to downloads of updated software
  • Personal Information Page: A place to record your personal skydiving info:
    • licenses
    • awards
    • ratings
    • club membership “numbers”
  • Personal photo
  • Jump statistics:
    • No longer a need to use/write SQL queries to retrieve jump statistics
    • Simply select a tab and click on the desired items
    • Click again on the graph type to chose between pie charts, columns, 3D and more
    • Improved compatibility – now using Microsoft Access database
    • Logbook database interoperates with Microsoft Office applications and many more
    • Support for Pocket PC synchronization (coming soon)
    • Lots of included SQL for use in customization, exporting and report creation
  • Print options:
    • Easily save logbook as HTML file and publish it to the ‘Net
    • Easily save & share logbook as .pdf file
    • New, “canned” reports
    • Report design tool
  • Search facility:
    • Search any data field (column) in a logbook for any value
    • View only jumps meeting that criteria
    • Easily print or export the selected jump records
  • Control over customization:
    • Backgrounds – over 50 stock tiles
    • Support for custom tiles (you can add your own)
    • Colors
    • Mix and match Metric or U.S. units of measure for speed and altitude
    • Copy any jump from one logbook to another
    • Redesigned Lookup Table editor to more easily enter your repetitive logbook data entries
  • Better photo & video integration:
    • Thumbnail views of photos and video along with dive profile
    • Easy, one-click insertion of photo and video files
    • Simply click on the image or video to view
    • Easy capture of any video frame to use as a .jpeg logbook image
  • Redesigned logbook “Single Jump View”:
    • Buttons for dropdown “lookup” menus
    • One-click “Dive Type” selection
    • Customizable formation size/type selection
    • No more redundant logbook views


To all our software customers:

We are sorry to inform, but we have stopped the development on Jump-track and therefore don’t support Jump-track and Windows8. We do know that some customers run Jump-track 3.2 on Windows8, so Jump-track may or may not run on Windows8, it depends on the hardware running Windows8.

Please visit www.Paralog.net for a software application that does support Windows8.

Please note that our Interface hardware is still required to download data into Paralog, it’s available from the following link: JumpTrack Interface Hardware.

  1. Download

    Download the software from this page (see below for available versions). This is a fully functional unregistered version for evaluation. The unregistered version lets you evaluate all the features of the product but you are limited in:

    • Creating new jumps
    • Downloading from a Pro-Track
    • Printing any reports
  2. Unzip installation files

    After downloading the software, unzip and then run Setup.exe

  3. Install

    Install the program and make sure that it works to your satisfaction.

  4. Purchase

    When you are ready to order, click HERE.

    A registration code will be emailed to you to complete the installation of JumpTrack 3.x


To view Frequently asked questions, click HERE.


Do you need a replacement or conversion cable? Check out all of the accessories available for your JUMPTRACK Software!



Installation Files

disc.gif JumpTrack v3.0
JumpTrack v3.2 (JumpTrack v3.0+ must be installed first.)
disc.gif Information for Windows Vista-x64 / Windows 7-x64 users
disc.gif Microsoft Certified x32 & x64 Drivers for USBTrack
disc.gif Application for Mac users


manual.gif JumpTrack v3.x - Owner's Manual (.html)
JumpTrack v3.x - Owner's Manual (.pdf)


manual.gif JumpTrack v3.x - Owner's Manual (.chm)
JumpTrack v3.x - Owner's Manual (.html)
JumpTrack v3.x - Owner's Manual (.pdf)

Flight Performance
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